How To Make Banana Smoothies That Are Healthy

The majority of us love to eat ripe bananas because of its calorie content and it’s health benefits. A medium banana is made up of at least 90 calories. Bananas also consist roughly 2.5 grams of fiber and 50 percent is soluble fiber. The reason for you to learn how to make banana smoothies is the optimal nutritional substance in the tropical fruit. They carry tryptophan – a required protein which the body system turns into serotonin. And serotonin is an organic hormone that helps to regulate and check emotion (mood); that’s the main substance contained in most anti-depression medications. Bananas are rich in potassium, an essential mineral electrolyte. Potassium is taken through the bowels and into the body cells. Bananas at the same time provide you with iron along with those required vitamin as well.

Bananas are available for a lot of things on the other hand transforming them into healthy smoothies is yet another substitute for maximizing this tropical fruit. Overripe bananas can still be iced to make smoothies that are healthy for children. Banana smoothies often make fantastic breakfasts, launch time refreshments, and cures for delirium tremens (hangover).

People today love banana but don’t know how to make banana smoothie. This article is going to guide you how you can make Smoothie that are healthy using banana.

Since bananas blend easily along with other flavors and ingredients, it’s possible to make a smoothie to match your actual tastes and preferences. There are various kinds of healthy banana smoothies for example Banana breakfast smoothie, berry banana, Banana egg smoothie, tropical banana smoothie, simple banana smoothie and so on.

Below are few that can conveniently be created from home;

Pure Banana Smoothie

To do this simple smoothie, you simply need one half iced bananas, about 8 ounces of milk as well as some ice cubes. Fill all into a blender and blend to the desirable stability. For a fuller smoothie, just add more bananas to the current formula.

Simple Banana Smoothie

Just one ripe banana (peeled and sliced up in two), a cup full of ice, whole milk, four to five tablespoons of honey, a cup full of yogurt and half a teaspoon of vanilla extract. Place the honey, yogurt, milk, sugar and ice into the blender and mix properly until no ice chunks is visible. The add banana along with the vanilla juice and blend a bit more. Fill in a glass cup and drink right away.

Tropical Banana Smoothie

This smoothie requires guava extract. The constituents are two iced bananas, one full cup of guava extract, one full cup of freshly squeezed orange extract or juice, one full cup of low fat vanilla yogurt and some ice cubes. Blend well until it’s done. Fill into a tumbler for consumption.

For ultimate benefit drink your smoothie right away without delay and refrigerate any leftovers for nourishing and tasty refreshment every time either daytime or night. There are many banana smoothie refreshments available on the internet for you to try out; you simply need dependable blender to perform the magic. To get more updates on health and fitness matters visit

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